September 2017

Refugee On Campus

August 2017

Got your results? Come join STAR: ‘An Incredible Experience’
Leading from the front – how athletics promotes refugees

July 2017

Welcomed - ‘Whatever Their Nationality’

June 2017

A celebration – UK universities helping asylum seekers and refugees
Refugee Week - Our Shared Future
It’s Volunteers’ Week! Time to celebrate!

April 2017

Refugees Welcome?

March 2017

We call for joined up government on child family reunion
Syrian refugees get access to higher education after STAR campaign
Join us to hand in our national petition on child family reunion
Opening up uni for refugee and asylum seeking students: how to campaign for Equal Access
STAR is recruiting an Access to University Campaign & Advocacy Co-ordinator! Apply now!

February 2017

STAR and Amnesty UK campaign for rights of child refugees! #ReuniteRefugeeFamilies

January 2017

REFUGEES WELCOME! STAR’s response to the US ban on refugees

December 2016

STAR is recruiting a Communications Officer! Apply now!
Don’t miss out - apply to uni now!

November 2016

Sanctuary in Parliament - invite your MP!

August 2016

“I want to inspire people the same way STAR inspired me!”
“Don’t just be angry – do something about it!”

June 2016

Saying Refugees Welcome by volunteering!

May 2016

Get ready for Refugee Week
‘Long Residence’: new eligibility criteria for student support announced

April 2016

What can you do to help refugee children in Europe!
Take Action Today! Tell your MP to vote next Monday on the Immigration Bill
Unaccompanied Children in Europe Still Need our Help
What it’s like to volunteer with STAR

March 2016

#SafeRoutesSaveLives: Action Week 2016

February 2016

Safe Routes Save Lives!
Action Week 2016: It’s time to shout about the refugee crisis

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