Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Poverty and Homelessness Action Week

Poverty and homelessness are big issues for refugee communities across the UK. Up to 100 events will be taking place between 27 January and 3 February to highlight local issues of poverty and homelessness in the UK. Find out how you can get involved with an event near you!

Poverty and Homelessness Action Week 2008 is a series of local events and poverty hearings all over the country aimed at putting issues of poverty and homelessness back on the political agenda. The aim is to highlight the plight of those who find themselves with either poor quality or no housing and no access to the services that they deserve and have a right to.

The series of events and hearings nationwide will offer an opportunity for dialogue concerning how we can begin to open the doors to try and create a better housed, better paid and more just and inclusive society. The events will allow us to hear the voices and stories of people experiencing poverty and homelessness in their own towns and communities and draw out the three most important issues surrounding housing, homelessness and poverty whilst also trying to suggest possible solutions.

Refused asylum seekers and refugees are a demographic of the population who are hit particularly hard by these sorts of issues, as many are forced into abject poverty by the Government in an attempt to drive them out of the country. This is unacceptable and has led to tens of thousands of asylum seekers becoming destitute and living on the streets today.

These events are a great opportunity for you to share the experiences you have had concerning destitution in your local area and represent the problems that asylum seekers face on a day to day basis and prevent them from escaping the constant cycle of destitution and homelessness that they find themselves within. For more information, a list of all the events and who to get in touch with go to the Poverty and Homelessness Action Week homepage.

Posted by STAR team on 23/01/2008 at 12:07 PM