Thursday, September 19, 2013

Protect Refugees from Syria : Take Part in STAR’s Campaign Action


The Prime Minister has called Syria the “refugee crisis of our time”. 2 million people have fled and are living as refugees, over a million are children. 0.1% of Syrians registered as refugees have found safety in the UK. 97% are being hosted by the neighbouring countries of Lebanon, Egypt, Turkey, Jordan and Iraq, surviving in overcrowded camps and on the streets. Find out how you can help.

As we go home for Christmas, Syrian refugees are facing a bitter winter living in tents in refugee camps.

You can help.

Together with other refugee charities, STAR is urging David Cameron to take practical action to protect refugees from Syria. We want the Government to work with other European Union member states to establish a Europe-wide humanitarian evacuation and resettlement programme.

Please email your MP today and ask that our Government shares some of the responsibility for protecting people fleeing the conflict. You can do this quickly and simply via the Refugee Council’s website

Tell your MP that the UK must help Syrians fleeing the war to find safety

STAR’s Chief Executive is writing to the Prime Minister on behalf of the Network, make sure you, your friends and your family do the same

Posted by STAR team on 19/09/2013 at 03:14 PM