Saturday, July 28, 2007

Save ESOL: Latest

The fight is not over and the Save ESOL campaign continues to grow.

What’s the latest?

On Friday 29 June the ESOL Conference set the future direction of the Save ESOL Campaign. And that wasn’t all…

“Hundreds of people gathered opposite the entrance to Downing Street in London on Friday 29th June after making a renewed commitment to the Save ESOL Campaign to continue campaigning until the fight is won. The crowd, including tutors, students and union activists called on the new Prime Minister to re-think the decision of the former cabinet to access to English classes. The protest was organised by the North East London Campaign to Save ESOL and adult education.”

What next?

ESOL Day of Action: 19 September 2007
“It’s an opportunity for students and tutors alike to kick the second year of campaigning into action.”

“Keep writing and speaking to MPs and raising the profile of the issue in your locality. Ask MPs to sign the Early Day Motion which has already attracted support from 161 MPs.”

For more information read the latest Save ESOL bulletin from UCU

Or visit the UCU website and find out more about the campaign to Save ESOL

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