Friday, February 10, 2017

STAR and Amnesty UK campaign for rights of child refugees! #ReuniteRefugeeFamilies

STAR and Amnesty UK are joining forces for a week of campaign actions calling for family reunion rights for refugee children. Sign the petition!


Family reunion is a safe and legal route to the UK for people whose family members have been recognised as refugees. Yet child refugees are denied the right to bring their parents to join them here. Child refugees have the stark choice of returning to danger to be with their families or living as orphans in the UK. The UK is one of only 2 European states which denies refugee children this right to grow up with their families in safety.

On 20th – 26th February thousands of STAR and Amnesty UK members across the UK will:

  • Make giant family paper chains with messages about the importance of family.
  • Display the I Welcome photo exhibition on university campuses
  • Collect petition signatures and write letters

We will then join all the paper chains and stretch them from the Home Office to the Department for Education to show how to join up government and allow refugee children to grow up in their own families.

You can find out what is happening near you on this handy calendar

What can you do?

1. Sign the petition
2.Go along to support your local STAR or Amnesty UK events! Find out what is happening near you on this handy calendar
3.You can write a letter to the Home Office and Department for Education calling on them to allow children recognised as refugees in the UK the right to be reunited with their families.
4. Get as many people as possible to sign the petition below to the Home Office and Department for Education. This will show that this is an issue which many people across the country care about.
5. If you want some more ideas of how to get involved download this toolkit

You can find a template letter, petition and instructions on the Amnesty website

Posted by STAR team on 10/02/2017 at 12:56 PM