Thursday, January 24, 2013

STAR Week was fund-tastic

Our first ever STAR Week was a massive success! 13 groups came together to raise vital funds so STAR can keep on helping refugees. In our first STAR Week you raised over £1500!


Congratulations to the fabulous 13 for making our first fundraising week a great success!


Liverpool STAR staged a warehouse party for 150

Warwick hosted an international charity dinner with food from 9 different countries

Manchester STAR welcomed 70 to their music night

The Great STAR Bakeoff saw 6 groups selling their yummy homebaked goodies

Bradford’s Pub quiz tested knowledge and brought in the cash

Leeds and Sheffield used the magic of the silver screen to raise money through film nights

We’re super excited about the next Fundraising Week, 4th-10th March 2013, and can’t wait to see how big you can make this one! We’re already planning some brilliant bucket shaking to collect those pennies, get in touch with STAR National now to find out how you can get involved! With your help STAR will continue to improve the lives of refugees in the UK.


Spotlight on Exeter STAR

Exeter STAR pulled out all the stops and held an ‘End of Year Party’ during Fundraising Week, which raised well over £200! Jodie, Exeter STAR and student trustee, shares her experience:

“We had around 150 people attend and had performances from several local bands, Breakdancing Society and World Music Choir. Food, decoration and other entertainment, including a photo booth, were provided by Saudi, Latin American and Greek & Greek-Cypriot Societies, and it was all amazing!

We had to put a LOT of time into the event and found the hardest part being the actual publicity. We found the best way was via facebook (of course) and through all the societies and bands etc that worked with us.

If another group were to put on a similar event I would say try to get as many people involved as possible as it helps to be able to share the workload and spread the word, and have everything organised well in advance. And make sure you’re always promoting the fact that it is in aid of charity as that always gets the best response! Also, try to think of as many ways to raise extra money as possible. We had a recommended donation of £1 for the cloak room and sold raffle tickets, the prizes for which were all donated.”

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Posted by STAR team on 24/01/2013 at 04:32 PM