Friday, November 16, 2007

Still human still here DVD released…….

We have copies of the brand new Still Human Still Here DVD in the National office and its also now available to watch online! Copies of the DVD will be arriving with all STAR student groups next week along with a briefing on how to use it to maximum effect.

After being launched at a fringe event at the Labour Party Conference in late September the campaign DVD produced in collaboration with Nick Broomfield and entitled ‘Still Human Still Here: the destitution of refused asylum seekers’ is now available to all.

The film is 12 minutes long and documents the constant daily struggle of 3 people refused asylum. It also looks at the policies that have forced these three people, as well as hundreds of thousands of others, into destitution in the UK.

The DVD was produced primarily as a lobbying tool in order to raise the issue of the forced destitution of failed asylum seekers with as many members of parliament and key policy and decision makers as possible.

A further aim of the DVD is to raise awareness of the issue of destitution and its causes to as many people as possible. In light of this it would also be fantastic to set up screenings on campus or in local communities to get as many people to see the DVD as possible. It would be great to get as many STAR members and groups to take action on this as soon as possible.

We have plenty more copies available for STAR members, so get in touch with the National Office if you’d like a copy. Alternatively the DVD is also available to watch online.

Posted by STAR team on 16/11/2007 at 12:06 PM