Friday, December 20, 2019

STAR Students Bring a Taste of Festive Spirit to Refugees

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from STAR!

Students across the country are welcoming refugees this Christmas as part of STAR’s 25th anniversary year. Read on to find out how STAR students in over 50 groups are adding festive flavour to their campaigning, volunteering and fundraising this year.


Essex STAR

Essex STAR had their Christmas bake sale selling lots of Christmas themed treats to raise money for the STAR charity. Every year, Essex Uni students hang their Christmas wishes on the tree outside their library, and this year Essex STAR wrote that their wish was for University of Sanctuary status!


Warwick STAR

After a fantastic public response to a call for donations of gifts from members and non-members alike, Warwick STAR’s annual Secret Santa event was a real hit.



Kent STAR did a donations drive, collecting winter clothing & ended up with five sacks of donations! They also finished the term with a pub quiz, fundraising for local charity Kent Refugee Action Network destitution fund.

Sheffield STAR

Sheffield STAR brought the seasonal spirit with its amazing annual festive party for refugees! There was food made by the STAR group, music by Esther Hyde, Vora & friends, songs from Sosa-Xa -Southern African Choir, dancing and sculpting.


Cardiff STAR

Cardiff STAR had a lovely Christmas party at their conversation club!


12 STARRY Days of Christmas

Watch out on social media for our 12 STARRY Days of Christmas for great ideas and inspiration of how you can make each day count.

URGENT Call to Action

Make today count by signing this petition – tell the Government not to stop child refugees reuniting with their families after Brexit.

2019 has been a big year for STAR, and we are excited to come back stronger than ever in 2020 with more campaigning, more volunteering, and much much more STAR spirit!

Posted by STAR team on 20/12/2019 at 02:50 PM