Saturday, March 17, 2007

Students Got Busy for Action Day 2007

Find out what happened on Action Day 2007 (28th February)…

Thanks to all STARs who made Action Day 2007 a great success. As well as Kings SOAS and LSE STAR members joining young people plus 1000+ others in the ‘Save ESOL’ mass lobby in Parliament, groups across the country played their part in raising awareness about the planned cuts to ESOL and many other refugee issues too!

Here’s a flavour of what some STAR groups got up to…

Reading STAR

“We are planning to have a mock refugee camp on the grounds in the Uni. We will have placards around the camp with stories from refugees and asylum seekers. Inside one big main tent we will have people with egg timers and when people enter we will tell them they have 2 minutes to decide exactly what they will take with them and where they will go. We will then stick their answers to the inside of the tent over the afternoon. We’ll have some stalls in the camp for leaflets and also have people handing some out.

To tie in the ESOL campaign we are going to have one big board with the issues and maybe some articles and pictures.

We’re having articles in the student magazine and a group are writing a special social justice week magazine which we will have a spread in it to come out the week before. We’re working on leaflets and posters to advertise as well.

In the Cafe of the union we hope to show a DVD from UNHCR. Phew! So we’re hoping this could be really big!”

Hannah Morris, Chair of Reading STAR

Southampton STAR

“We are planning to have a sponsored silence. People won’t be able to speak English if there are cuts to ESOL. We are going to have scarves wrapped around our mouths and have t-shirts with: “I am protesting about cuts to ESOL” written on them.”

Chris, Southampton STAR

Edinburgh STAR

“We are having a shoe display in Bristo square. Each shoe, about 200 in total, will be placed on a card star. On the card there will be a single fact/figure or even just the name of the country an asylum seeker may claim asylum from. There will be posters around the area and around the whole inner wall of Bristo Square saying ‘try walking in their shoes for a day’. People will be able to walk around the shoes and see the snapshot information and perhaps leave the display a bit more bothered about asylum on a whole.”

Laura, Edinburgh STAR

Cardiff STAR

…are planning to run an ESOL class awareness session at a drop in centre in Cardiff and a discussion about what can be done about ESOL cuts in England.

Leeds STAR

…are having a film showing of Dirty Pretty Things and are arranging a sleep out outside the Union.

Liverpool STAR

…have decided to focus on detention, as part of The International Students Society week ‘Culture Fusion’. They will be distributing ‘You are in detention!’ badges and having an awareness raising stall in the Union.

LSE, Kings and SOAS STAR

…will be coming together to join STAR youth members at the national lobby and rally in Parliament.

Newcastle STAR

…will be having a petition stall about ESOL as part of the Union Environment & Ethics week.

Plymouth STAR

…are planning an info stall on the ESOL campaign to coincide with their Union ‘One World Week’.

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