Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Heart of STAR 2014 - Mohamed AL-Kaisi

In celebration of STAR’s 25th birthday, we took the time to reconnect and share the stories of the people who made it possible for STAR to be where it is today. These are The Hearts of STAR, these are the change-makers, who through the decades strived to positively impact the lives of refugees and create a welcoming society in the UK and we are proud to share their stories with you on this Refugee Week 2020.

Mohamed AL-Kaisi

2014 – 2018STAR Croydon and STAR Greenwich
Current job: MSc Data science student

How and why did you get involved in STAR?

I joined STAR when I was a refugee at college because I was already doing theatre activism and part of UNICEF as well. The reason I joined STAR is because its all about making changes nationally and educating people in the UK about the situation refugees go through.

STAR also runs campaigns in the UK and one of the campaigns is EQUAL ACCESS which I run at my university and we won. As a result, the University of Greenwich where I studied now offers scholarships for refugees and people seeking asylum.

What impact did you see STAR have on your community?

a. At university
The University of Greenwich where I studied now offers scholarships for refugees and asylum seekers.

b. Locally
At college, we ran an English conversation club for refugees and asylum seekers.

What is your favourite thing about STAR?

We work as one big family. No difference between volunteers or staff.

What impact did STAR have on your life or on what you do now?

The work with STAR made me aware of what changes you can make surrounding where you live before internationally.

What message would you like to give the current STAR students?

Your work to support refugees with STAR has a big impact on refugees because just seeing your intention of supporting refugees will make them feel welcome.

Posted by STAR team on 17/06/2020 at 07:58 PM