Friday, October 26, 2007

Warwick STAR kick off their campaigning!

Warwick STAR kicked off their campaigning in style on the Eradication of Poverty Day by campaigning on campus and getting people to sign their Still Human Still Here petition.

Stand up and speak out against poverty – that was the call that students of Warwick University responded to on the 17th of October, the Eradication of Poverty Day.

Eradication of Poverty Day

Various humanitarian societies, such as Oxfam, Unicef, Amnesty, People and Planet, U8, Warwick International Development Summit, Project Zambia, Practical Action, Room 202 and STAR came together to make our voices heard campaigning against global poverty and championing the Millennium Development Goals.

Protestors on campus

We at Warwick STAR took yet another perspective on poverty and petitioned against the use of destitution as a tool by the government to deal with failed asylum seekers. This was our first step towards lobbying our MP and Students Union to officially support the Still Human, Still Here campaign. It was the ideal opportunity for members, new and old, to begin thinking actively about the issue, to gain confidence campaigning and raise awareness amongst students at Warwick.

By Pravina Gopalan

Posted by Russell Brooks on 26/10/2007 at 02:12 PM