Monday, March 09, 2009

The right to work - in film!

Watch two short clips on the right to work for asylum seekers in the UK – find out more, hear first-hand testimonies and support the campaign!

Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World is a film by young asylum seekers to let people know why it makes sense to let them work. Hear asylum seekers’ experiences in the UK first-hand and be informed and inspired.

It’s produced by Brighter Futures, a network of self-advocacy groups for young asylum seekers and refugees living in London, Manchester and Teesside. The groups bring young people together to get training, provide mutual support, and organise campaigns around issues that affect them and their peers, such as access to services and higher education and racist bullying in schools. The London group is campaigning for the right for asylum seekers to work.

Watch a clip from the film, Welcome to My World, Dreaming of a Brighter Future. Request your free copy from the national office. The full film is approximately 12 minutes long.

Liverpool STAR tell us what it’s all about!

MDC Asylum Seekers Demand the Right to Work

“We don’t want benefits we want to be allowed to work” – say Zimbabwean refugees in Bristol. Over a hundred Zimbabweans met in Bristol pleading with the British Government to allow them their dignity and allow them the right to work in this country. Watch a short film of the demonstration including addresses from Morgan Tande, Chairman of the MDC in Bristol and Stephen Williams, Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol West.

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