Resource Links


UNHCR global statistics.
Archive of all UNHCR statistics including information on refugee camps and MDG’s.

UK Asylum figures.
Home Office Statistics on Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Cover.

ICAR’s statistics on asylum and refugees.
Analysis of asylum and refugee statistics in the UK.

The UK Asylum Process

The UK Border Agency’s step-by-step guide to applying for asylum:http

Refugee Council’s basic guide to the asylum process.

Asylum Aid’s simple guide to the asylum process.

UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group’s guide to the asylum process.

STAR briefing on Refugees in the UK 2012


Immigration Law Practitioner’s Association.
An association which provides advice and representation to immigrants

The Refugee Council briefing on Nationality, Immigration and Asylum Act 2002.

Guardian’s A-Z of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006.

Detention of asylum seekers

Bail for Immigration Detainees’ information briefing on detention.
Information about detention including length of detention and bail procedures.

Human Rights Watch’s report.
Fast-tracked Unfairness: Detention and Denial of Women Asylum Seekers in the UK

Destitution: asylum seekers, refugees and extreme poverty

The Still Human Still Here campaign.
The campaign to end destitution of refused asylum seekers

Amnesty’s report on destitution
Down and Out in London: The Road to Destitution for Rejected Asylum Seekers

Church Action on Poverty’s Living Ghosts campaign.
Campaign to change the Government policies that make people seeking asylum destitute.

Scottish Refugee Council leaflet
Information about how destitute asylum seekers can receive help with accommodation and living cost.

ICAR’s briefing on destitution in the UK.
Information centre about asylum and refugees including facts about destitution.

Asylum seekers and refugees in the media

The Guardian’s special report and ongoing coverage of asylum and refugee issues.

Press Wise Trust’s Refugees, asylum seekers and the Media Project.
Promotes best practice in media coverage of refugee and asylum issues.

Legal advice services

Legal advice for asylum seekers and refugees.
Community Legal Advice. Free, confidential and independent legal advice.

Advice from Asylum Aid
Provides free legal advice and representation to those seeking asylum

Country information

Amnesty International’s library.
An archive of country reports, news releases and urgent actions published from 1996 to date.

Human Rights Watch’s website
Contains a searchable archive of country reports.

The Home Office’s Operational Guidance Notes
Provides a summary of the general, political and human rights situation in each country listed