Thursday, November 09, 2017

Smashing records all over the UK: STARs most successful freshers ever

By Amy Hughes, STAR’s Student Network Assistant

We have just seen the most successful STAR freshers’ period in the history of our network which goes back almost a quarter of a century.

With 42 STAR groups, we now have record numbers welcoming refugees across the UK.

Edinburgh STAR’s First Meeting

During freshers this year we managed to speak in person to over one thousand students at our first meetings – with staff from STAR National visiting 38 groups up and down the country. That’s a lot of train rides, commitment and coffee.

Our STAR’s have spoken to over 7,000 people at the many fresher stalls across the country.

It’s true to say that during this freshers’ period we have seen a phenomenal surge in interest by students and that is so encouraging.

We’ve been blown away by the increased attendance at STAR groups’ first meetings where we give talks on the refugee crisis and asylum in the UK so students feel confident and capable to welcome refugees.

Amy at Northampton STAR’s first meeting

This is an incredibly valuable and important increase from last year because it proves that 2017/18 is the year to join STAR and to get involved with all the amazing activities and events going on.

Some of these fantastic events have relied heavily on mixing flour, sugar and eggs… make the Great STAR Bake Off a huge success!

Groups at Cardiff Met, Reading, Gloucestershire, Derby, Queen Mary, Birmingham, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Imperial, Edinburgh, Nottingham, ARU, Oxford, NYU,Sussex and Cork all took part in our Bake Off and the commitment has been incredible.

We’ve seen witchy doll cakes at Birmingham, spooky bat cakes and skeleton Oreos at Bournemouth and even received student media attention at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

This year’s Great STAR Bake Off has certainly been a treat to watch unfold and we’re so grateful to all our groups for pitching up their stalls and raising money for STAR. Well done one and all.

Birmingham STAR’s stall which won an award at our student conference

In total our lovely groups have raised over £1,500 (so far!) for STAR National – go STARs!

Fundraising for STAR National is so valuable, important (and did we mention fun?) but it also enables us, as a network, to make the biggest possible difference for refugees across the UK.

You already know the great work your STAR group does, but by fundraising for the STAR network, you can multiply this impact: helping facilitate the formation of new groups to reach as much of the UK as possible and ensuring that both old and new groups receive the support they need from our national office.

Put simply – the more active STAR groups out there, the greater the difference we can make together.

Posted by STAR team on 09/11/2017 at 04:37 PM